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Program No. 1 - SACOP (Search and Compare Optical Properties) computer-aided identification of minerals from optical properties.

Available now.

The purpose of this program is to serve as an aid in the identification of minerals from their optical properties. It should help to reduce or avoid the laborious task of searching through a series of tables to find minerals which match the observed properties of an unknown. The data base for the program consists of over 2000 minerals listed in U.S.G.S. Bulletin 1627. The program performs the following operations: (1) read in the data base of optical properties, (2) prompt the user to enter the data for an unknown (3) search and reject all minerals in the file which are incompatible with the properties of the unknown (4) write out the list of NOT incompatible minerals, (5) list a comparison of properties of the unknown with the several hits which are recorded. This list may be sent to an output text file if requested, and (6) reset the initial conditions to accept another unknown. Additional information on request.

Program No. 2 - Thin section photomicrographs (175 images) illustrating rock-forming minerals.

Available now.

Programs 1 and 2 on a CD at $20 each, Packing and mailing included. Both together at $35. Payable to Frank N. Blanchard.

Several example photomicrographs with descriptions.

Program No. 3 - Optical Crystallography.

Illustrations of Some Principles and Techniques. This CD-ROM consists of over 33 ".jpg" images with descriptions that I have made from scans of over 150 photomicrographs that have been assembled into composite images. Supplied without charge if purchasing Programs1 and 2.

Bxa figure.

Two examples of composite photomicrograph images with descriptions.

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